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How to use VLOOKUP IF function in Excel 2003

One of the main functions available in Excel is the IF logic function, IF function can be combined with various other excel functions. In this example will be discussed on how to combine IF and VLOOKUP function in Excel 2003.

This post as an answer to a Friend who never asks about how to combine IF function VLOOKUP, hopefully a little give tentanng use if function in excel.

In this case, I assume in reference table there are 2 types of variables are variables that are relatively fixed and variable that changes depending on the applicable year.

In order to more easily able to make 2 pieces of the table as below:

1. Create a spreadsheet and reference the following table:
Empty cell D4 and E4 cells, because it will be filled with a formula that contains the function IF and VLOOKUP

2. Furthermore, in cell D4 type the formula:
= VLOOKUP (C4, $ G $ 4: $ J $ 7.2)
Formula in D4 is a formula that uses the VLOOKUP function, only used as a comparison against the formula + IF VLOOKUP. Formula in cell D4 is not related to the formula in cell E4
$ Signs in the range of $ G $ 4: $ A $ 7 indicates the address / range absolute, for mengatifkannya can use the F4 key. If you have trouble just type $ his formula manually.

Type the formula in cell E4
= IF (B4 = 2010, (VLOOKUP (C4, $ G $ 4: $ A $ 7,3,0)), (VLOOKUP (C4, $ G $ 4: $ A $ 7,4,0)))

The result will look like this:

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