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How to backup / copy dvd movie / dvd data to the hard drive error

sobuster software is a software utility that can be used to perform recovery of lost data from hard disk due to lost or because the disk partition is problematic (less than perfect). IsoBuster is currently distributed in 3 versions namely package Free version IsoBuster, IsoBuster IsoBuster version of Personal and Professional versions. To IsoBuster Free only found data backup features that can be used to mengektrak data / files (currently only supports CD / DVD). Personal IsoBuster supports backup / extract data format Blue Ray Disc (BR Disc) and is equipped with data recovery, while having an additional feature IsoBuster Professional data recovery is more complete.

Actually the free version of IsoBuster software, we are able to rescue the data / files in a kase VCD / DVD movie or DVD that contains data document / application. In some cases, being asked by friends on how to copy DVD movies to hard drive. In manal enough paste copied via Windows Explorer, but if the quality of the CD / DVD ugly maybe because there are bad sectors or no scratches (scratches) on the DVD surface is usually a message that appears is: "Can not copy VTS_01_4. The request could not be performed Because of an I / O device error ". ika is the case then IsoBuster can be one option to copy DVD files to your hard drive.

Display error when doing the copy paster of DVDs (DVD player) to the computer hard drive as below:

These procedures can work to make a copy and paste dilkukan DVD to the hard drive:
1. Open IsoBuster application. Usually when first opened Registration dialog box appears. In the Registration dialog box will enable IsoBuster PRO functionally appears as shown below select the "Free funct. Only"

2.Setelah open IsoBuster application as shown belowSelect the DVD DriveNext on Track 01 directory, select the directory the ISO-Newthen select the VIDEO_TS Folder
On the right side of one of the main window select the files to be backed up / copied to the hard driveIn the example chosen VTS_01_04.VOBRight click on VTS_01_04.VOB, in the popup menu select Extract VTS_01_04.VOB
3. Dialog box will appear to save the file dvd. Choose a directory on the hard drive to place the file copy from DVD fileThen click the Save button

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