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Windows 8 Final Professional 32/64 Bit Full Version

Click4download Free Download Software | Windows 8 Final Professional 32/64 Bit Full Version | As I promised before and since many who want windows 8 final and later on this post I will share all windows 8 activator windows 8, now I will share the final windows 8 professional 32 bit and 64 bit full version.
Windows 8 professional that I share this so many have tried and I share is a torrent file that makes it easy to download without fear of risk can not be on a resume.
I will also explain how to create a full version that the Haramain companions software does not become dizzy.

Screenshoot :

For those who want to download the file torrent please download at the link below.

How to download using torrent can be read below here.
Later when downloading using the torrent will be seen that the capacity of the original final windows 8 pro 32 bit 2.45 Gb and 3.4 Gb 64 Bit.
The advantage is being able to download using torrent resume anytime without fear of error, also when downloading Torrent not inferior to IDM.

How To Download Use Torrent :

  1. Download and install Torrent2exe I will share on the link below.
  2. once installed, look for the file / link that you want to download torrent
  3. after downloading the file / link torrentnya then click 2 times on the file / link torrentnya.
  4. It would seem the original capacity of the file / link torrent will be downloaded and then OK.
  5. Completed. you have to wait until the download is completed.

Password Sharebeast : haramain software

How to Make Genuine Windows 8 Pro Final (Full Version) :

  1. Right click on START, select Command Prompt (ADMIN).
  2. Type slmgr.vbs-ipk-VH26C NG4HW-733KW-K6F98-J8CK4, then enter.
  3. Type slmgr.vbs-skms again, enter.
  4. another type slmgr.vbs-ato
  5. Enter. Then restart your PC.
  6. Congratulations, you have Windows 8 Pro Genuine

For License Key can use one of the existing below :


If the above method still can not, use Windows 8 Activator All windows 8 to make a genuine will I share after this.

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