Rabu, 21 November 2012

Stronghold 2 For PC

Free Download Software | Stronghold 2 For PC | stronghold 2 will now be distributed to all the friends click4download.
friends would know about stronghold game because this game is lifted from the real story of the crusade. my friends know what it is dong crusade?. Crusade is a war between Muslims against Christians.
if my friends ever played a stronghold crusador certainly familiar with this game. Game stronghold was remarkable because this game can make us addicted to play it and I also include people who likes to play games and even I collect stronghold game stronghold on my pc. I have crusador stronghold, stronghold crusador extreme, stronghold 2, stronghold 3 stronghold legend but I do not have and now I will share strongfhold 2 for PC 100% working.

Screenshoot :

How to install:

  • Download all the parts (there are 4 parts) After all downloaded, put all the parts in one folder of the same
  • Extract only automatic part2 part1, part3, part4 terextract will participate.
  • After the extract will be out folder Stronghold 2
  • Open the folder and delete the folder stronghold 2 i18n that language be English because that folder will be deleted i18n not speak Spanish.
  • Play the game by clicking 2 times on Stronghold2.exe.
  • Congratulations play.

For those who want to download and play this game stronghold 2, please download at the link below.

Download Stronghold 2 :

This game I have tried on windows 7 ultimate and 100% working. Hopefully entertaining and safe play.

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