Selasa, 23 Oktober 2012

Neo’s SafeKeys (Safe From Keylogger)

Click4download Free Download Software | Neo’s SafeKeys (Safe From Keylogger) | How secure is your password from the keylogger? If your personal computer users may still be able to answer yes, but what happens when you are accessing a password that is accessed through a computer many people such as cafes, offices, or other? Keyloggers can be either software or hardware installed dikomputer foisted on your keyboard to record every keyboard type you are doing. Keylogger software program or course is very dangerous because it can know everything that is typed via keyboard activity.

But do not worry just yet, there are applications that you can use to protect you from hardware and software keylogger, that is Neo's SafeKeys. Neo's SafeKeys dengang this application, you can avoid the name Keylogger. Because no keyboard typing is needed to access your passwords and usernames, Neo's SafeKeys provide special keyboard that can be typed with only the mouse cursor, so that there Keylogger can record activities.

For those of you who frequently access passwords and usernames importantly, Neo's SafeKeys you must have and use to avoid keylogger. In addition to available version of the installer, Neo's SafeKeys also available a portable version that does not need installation. Making it easier to run your applications anywhere and anytime.

Link DownloadNeo’s SafeKeys Installer
Link DownloadNeo’s SafeKeys Portable
file Size: 0.67 MB dan 0.57 MB
Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, 2000 and XP
Price: Free

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