Selasa, 23 Oktober 2012

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Click4download Free Download Software | Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder | For those who like to keep photos or images on the computer in large quantities often find duplicate images or images of the same is more than one file. Duplicate images can meet your hard drive space, if a duplicate image files amounted to one or two might easily be found, another thing to duplicate images amounted to tens or even hundreds, of course it takes a long time to find it.

Now, with Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder does not bother to search for duplicate images on your computer, so it can save time when you want to find the duplicate image files. Because you can easily find duplicate images on dikomputer using Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder.

Its use is very simple, just add the folder you want to search a duplicate image by clicking the "+" button and then click Start Search. Let Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder search process duplicate images, if you have found a duplicate image, you can delete it. In addition to available version of the installer, Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is also available a portable version that you can both use for free to your computer.

Link Download: Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder Installer

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder Portable
File Size: 0.8 MB dan 0.7 MB
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista/Windows 7
Price: Free

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