Selasa, 01 Januari 2013

KMPlayer 4.3 2012 Support Windows 8

Click4download Free Download Software | KMPlayer 4.3 2012 Support Windows 8 | If previously I've shared KMPlayer 3.3, now KMPlayer has published the latest version of KMPlayer 3.4 new 2012.
As I mentioned earlier, KMPlayer is a video and audio player that the results are very good in terms of picture and sound in terms of danjuga KMPlayer supports for 3D.
From my first use KMPlayer until now I still use KMPlayer to play the video because it's KMPlayer produces excellent image quality compared to others I have ever used.
KMPlayer 3.4 is certainly the better of the type previously and has also been very supportive for Windows 8 users like me who are already using Windows 8.
Screenshot :

For those of you who want to download, please download at the link below.

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