Kamis, 17 Januari 2013

Game Tiny Troopers For PC

Click4download Free Download Software | Game Tiny Troopers For PC | This time I will share an exciting game genre shooter and strategy that capacity is not too big but very nice graphics.
Game tiny troopers as the name suggests are small forces. It is the troops that we play in is arguably the troopers tiny little where we play campaign or mission and fight to complete the mission is available.
At Tiny troopers is much that we must defeat the enemy and we are also able to buy guns if they have a lot of money. we can buy a bomb, rocket also buy child-hanging fruit of our mission and the amount of money we have.
Here we fight on foot and had to be careful of the enemy's attack and also this tiny troopers funny voice.

Screenshoot :

How to install:

  1. Extract (HS) Tiny Troopers
  2. Open Folder (HS) Tiny Troopers
  3. . Execute tiny_troopers_final.exe
  4. click Extrac
  5. Wait until the process is complete extract
  6. Once completed there will be a folder Extract Tiny_Troopers_final
  7. Open the folder Tiny_Troopers_final
  8. To play right click on Run as administrator TinyTroopers.exe If my friend uses windows 7
  9. Congratulations play.

If you want to download this game tiny troopers, please download at the link below.

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