Kamis, 10 Januari 2013

Game Fantastic 4 Rip

Click4download Free Download Software | Game Fantastic 4 Rip  | Fantastic 4 is definitely a lot of you already know. Who does not know the fantastic 4? 4 people who have superpowers to be a superhero or a super hero.
But this time I was not a game but a movie share. This fantastic 4 in the game, a lot of missions that must be completed and it is definitely a lot of enemies we face and also code that must be solved.
This game I have tried on windows 7 ultimate sp1 32bit and 100% working. At 4 rip this fantastic game graphics are also great and you can play with a joystick or using the keyboard because I use a joystick to play.

Screenshoot :

How to install:

  1. Extract Fantastic_4_RIP_software-word.blogspot.com.zip
  2. Open the folder Fantastic_4_RIP_software-word.blogspot.com
  3. Run Unpak.bat then wait until the process is complete
  4. Once completed, run the Launcher.exe to play or menyetting.
  5. Congratulations play.

For those who want to download, please download at the link below.

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