Senin, 10 Desember 2012

Windows 8 Skin Pack For Windows 7 Final

Click4download Free Download Software | Windows 8 Skin Pack For Windows 7 Final | long time no see click4download,,, because of busy demanding. in this first post I will share Windows 8 skin pack for windows 7 final and I share is a skin pack that really make windows 7 that we use really like windows 8. In skin pack up menu display of properties and even the buttons are very similar to Windows 8, but the actual windows 7.
Windows 8 skin pack for windows 7 is applicable for all types of windows 7.
Screenshot :

The image above is a screenshot of the result windows 8 Skin pack for windows 7. if amber unclear please click the image above to enlarge the image. and for those who want to download, please download at the link below.

For those who have not installed universal theme patcher on PCnya please download the first universal continues to install universal theme patcher skin packnya new install. those who have had universal please download at the link below.
how to install:
Before installing this skin pack, if there is another skin pack installed on the PC then uninstall first mate.

1. Once downloaded, right click on the file you downloaded and then extract
2. Once extracted run 8 Skin Pack Final-x86.exe or 8 Skin Pack Final-X64exe (according to how many bits are best friends wear) with a right click and then run as administrator
3. then click next
4. paper check I accept the terms of license agreement
5. click next
6. click install and wait for it to finish
7. then click next again
8. then click finish and pal pc will restart. after the restart complete will see results.

Enjoy Windows 8 on Windows 7. Hopefully useful.

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