Selasa, 09 Oktober 2012

Wise Folder Hider

Click4download Free Download Software | Wise Folder Hider | For computer users who have important data that do not want to know or accessed by others would require an application that can hide a file or folder. Actually a lot of ways to hide files and folders so that can not be known or accessed by others. But according Dapsoft, the most easy, fast, and has a fairly powerful security features is to use a free application to hide files and folders with Folder Hider Wise.

After Dapsoft Wise Folder Hider try this app, it is very easy to use by simply drag and drop files or folders you want to hide. The first time we open the Folder Hider Wise application after installation is complete, the user is prompted to enter the desired password to access the file or folder you want to hide using Folder Hider Wise.

Not only used to hide files or folders, Wise Folder Hider can also be used to hide certain USB Drive in accordance with the wishes of the user. Overall, the application to hide a file or folder Folder Hider Wise reliable enough for those of you who want to keep the privacy of important files and folders from people who are not responsible.

Link Download: Wise Folder Hider
File Size: 1.655 MB
Operating System: Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP

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