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Click4download Free Download Software | UMPlayer | The daily routine can sometimes make computer users fed up with all the busyness that is. One overcome boredom, could just as watching a movie or just listen to some audio from the computer. Well, this one application seems quite willing to eliminate any fatigue to simply watch and listen to some audio, the application is UMPlayer.

UMPlayer itself is an open source multimedia application that can be downloaded and used free of charge to enjoy all the needs of multimedia computer diperangkat. Various audio and video formats can be played with this app UMPlayer. Lots of audio and video formats that can be played UMPlayer, no less than 270 audio and video formats that can be played by this UMPlayer application. For audio, UMPlayer can play formats like AAC / MPEG-4, MIDI, MP3 / MPEG Layer 3, WMA 3, QMDM2/QDMC (QuickTime), and many other audio formats. While the video files that can be played such as MPEG-4, ASP, 3ivx D4, WMV, DivX, Xvid, Quicktime / Sorenson and many more.

Not only the above features, UMPlayer is also equipped with Subtitles search, SHOUTcast, and YouTube. Users also can record video that is playing through Youtube. In addition to Windows, YouTube is also available for Apple's operating system Mac OS / X, and GNU / Linux.

UMPlayer reliable for your multimedia needs, let alone applications can be downloaded and used free of charge without the need to buy a license, you can even download the source code because it UMPlayer is an open source application. There are several skins that you can get to make the look UMPlayer suit your taste which you can get HERE.

Link Download: UMPlayer
File Size: 146.82 KB
Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, and XP
Price: Free

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