Minggu, 21 Oktober 2012

Splash Lite

Click4download Free Download Software | Splash Lite | Decent video player installed disebuah computers, especially for those of you who love menontoh video via a PC or Notebook. One decent multimedia applications you use on your computer or laptop to play various video files with a resolution of High Definition (HD) is a Splash Lite. Splash Lite can be used free of charge which has a feast for the eyes when you play a video with this application.

Features of Splash Lite include Light Boost and Detail Boost can sharpen video images to produce a brighter picture. In addition, the feature Motion ², can convert to 60p otomotis of 20/24/25/30p.

However, compared with similar multimedia player application, Splash Lite is not a lot of video files that can be played using Splash Lite applications. To be able to enjoy an abundance of features, available high versions pay her the Splash and Splash Lite Lite PRO PRO EX.

Link Download: Splash Lite Free Version
File Size: 13 MB
Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, and XP SP3
Price: Free

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