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Click4download Free Download Software | PrtScr | The number of freeware or free apps today with features that are fairly reliable course is very helpful for computer users who do not want to pay to have it. Posting this time, Dapsoft will discuss one of free software that can be used to take pictures on your computer screen easily and quickly. Free screen capture software is PrtScr.

Of course this PrtScr application very useful for those of you who want to take a picture on your computer screen. Whether it's an image from the internet and display the specific software you want to take pictures to be used as a tutorial. PrtScr can also take pictures in whole or in full screen or in a particular part of the image you want to capture. Its use was fairly easy, you can take a picture on the screen of your computer by pressing CTRL + Prt Scr on your computer keyboard.

If you want to create a Hot Key or certain keys to activate PrtScr application, you can set it in Settings. The resulting images can be popular image formats such as JPG, BMP, and PNG. In addition, PrtScr also supports multiple monitors and can take pictures of your computer mouse cursor. If you're interested in using the application's screen capture free PrtScr, please download via the link below.

Link DownloadPrtScr
File Size: 2.34 MB
Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, and XP
Price: Free

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