Rabu, 24 Oktober 2012

Netcut and Anti Netcut

Click4download Free Download Software | Netcut and Anti Netcut | C4D will now share a software called netcut and anti netcut. C4D companions of his name would have been able to guess what the function of anti netcut and netcut.
Netcut is a software that serves to disconnect the internet connection lan anyone else within range. with netcut also we can read the MAC address of others.
Now if my friend was the one who exposed netcut and will certainly not be able to connect to the internet, do not be afraid because I also have prepared antinetcut that serves to restore the affected tissue netcut.

Screenshoot :

For friends who want this software, please download at the link below.

Download Netcut 2.4.1 Freeware ( 1,6 Mb )

Hopefully useful and can be utilized.

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