Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012


Click4download Free Download Software | Monosnap | There are so many applications that can be used to take pictures on the screen or desktop computer. One of the free apps that can do it all is Monosnap. Monosnap itself is available for Windows and Mac, so for those of you Mac users, can take an existing image on your computer screen easily and quickly.

Monosnap features result screenshot edit a simple but very useful for those of you who often takes pictures of your computer screen. Among its features in addition to taking a look screenshot, Monosnap also features Crop the image, add text, and make annotations on the image of the catch with this application....

For the future, Monosnap version will also be available for Android, iPhone and Chrome Extension. So make sure you always update the information through Dapsoft blog is to take a picture of the look of Android and iPhone. If you are using Windows and the Mac, please download the application for free Monosnap via the link below.

Link DownloadMonosnap version Windows and Mac
File Size: 2.23 MB dan 8.5MB
Operating SystemWindows and Mac
Password To Open: click4download

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