Senin, 22 Oktober 2012


Click4download Free Download Software | JetBoost | Many free tools that can be utilized to raise the computer's performance, one of which is JetBoost. Jetboost is a free application that can be used to improve the performance of your computer system by temporarily closing background processes that are not needed. So the performance of the computer will be much faster and more stable when used for work or for play.

There are three options in upgrading the performance of your computer, the first is "For work" that is used to improve the performance of the computer for work purposes. Furthermore, "For games" that can be used to improve the performance while playing a computer game, and the last "Custom" which can be used according to user needs.

To reactivate the functions previously turned off using JetBoost to accelerate the performance of a computer system, which needs to be done just by clicking the "Restore". To get the application JetBoost, no need to spend money because you can have for free to improve your computer's performance.

Link Download: JetBoost
File Size: 2.89 MB
Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, and XP
Price: Free

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