Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

FILEminimizer Suite 7.0 (PromO)

Click4download Free Download Software | FILEminimizer Suite 7.0 (PromO) | FILEminimizer Suite is a very useful application for those who want to reduce the size of files easily and quickly. FILEminimizer Suite itself is a premium software to get it you have to spend around 78 euros, can count yourself how much amount you have to spend to have FILEminimizer Suite software. But for those of you who want to get this software for free and legally, Dapsoft will show you how.

First of all, please visit the promo page HERE (page website in German). Next enter a name and a valid email address for the download link and its serial number will be sent via email which has been submitted previously. Once the download is complete, you should immediately install these FILEminimizer Suite 7.0. After installation is complete, the first time you open FILEminimizer Suite 7.0, input the serial number as well as field 1 and field 2 that you get sent via email. Now FILEminimizer Suite 7.0 software, which cost 78 euros it has become a full version.

FILEminimizer Suite itself can reduce the size of various files such as image files (JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, EMP), File Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF files. The most amazing thing is the applications FILEminimizer Suite 7.0 is claimed to reduce the file size by up to 90 percent of the original file. Dapsoft try to use this software to reduce the size of the Word file early around 1.28 MB, and after dioptimize using FILEminimizer Suite, the file size was reduced to 0.74 MB or reduced by approximately 42 percent.

For those of you who want to reduce the file size of images, office documents and PDF, FILEminimizer Suite is the right software and a rapid decrease in the size of the file. Moreover, the premium software price 78 Euro's Suite you can have for free. Immediately download the software before the promo runs out.

Link DownloadFILEminimizer Suite 7.0
File Size: 10.33 MB
Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, and XP
Price: Free (Promo)

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