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File Secure Free

File Secure Free

Click4download Free Download Software | File Secure Free | Many applications can be used to keep the data confidential dikomputer we, as mempasword, permanently delete the data in hardiks so it can not be recovered or lock function from CD or USB on the computer. To meet it all, you can use an application that has the function of keeping your computer from the hands of irresponsible, namely Secure File Free.

With Secure File Free, you can back up important files, encrypt, delete files permanently or lock function from CD and USB are there dikomputer you. These features can you have free to use this Free Secure File applications. These features of the Secure File Free:

File Backup

File Secure Free

With this feature, you can backup important files dikomputer, either a file or a folder that contained a lot of files in it. The resulting output has the extension. DFI. This feature is also very easy, select the files or folders you want backed up, and then click Backup.

File Encryptor

With this feature, users can encrypt important files so that not just anyone can access your important files. It takes a password to open the files that have been encrypted with Secure Free File that you created earlier.

File Shredder

File Secure Free

With this one feature, you can permanently delete files or folders you do not want. With a choice of algorithms in deleting files, deleted files can not be restored again with recovery software. Of course this feature is very useful when you want to delete personal files on storage media such as hard drives and flash you want to sell.


File Secure Free

Lockup feature allows you to lock the functions contained CD or USB you dikomputer. This feature is very useful for those of you who want to secure your computer from the hands of irresponsible.

For free applications, Secure File Free is one of the tools that you can use to backup and protect your files. These features are provided to support and reliable enough for you to use for this purpose. Please download the software via the link below.

Download File Secure Free
File Size: 2,13 MB
Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, and XP
Price: Free

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