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Bitdefender Free Edition

Click4download Free Download Software | Bitdefender Free Edition | Today, absolute antivirus are used to protect the computer from malicious programs that can interfere with even the troublesome computer users. Lots of antivirus available for your computer, good free antivirus, and even that would normally cost you pay within a certain time. Of course that has good financial to buy antivirus is not a problem, but who do not want to buy can utilize antivirus free antivirus to protect your computer from malicious program attacks.
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One of the antivirus which you can use for free to protect your computer is Bitdefender Free Edition. Although free, Bitdefender Free Edition can protect your computer from virus attacks. Features are reliable enough in protecting your computer are:

Virus Scanning & Removal - Features that allow you to perform virus scanning and remove it.
Scheduled Scanning - you can make a schedule when the antivirus scan on your computer automatically.
Immediate Scanning - Just one right click, you can monitor your computer files and folders.
Quarantine - feature that allows you to quarantine viruses detected by Bitdefender
Reports - There is a full report of the results of scanning is done Bitdefender.

For the size of the free antivirus, Bitdefender Free Edition is an antivirus that can rely on to protect your computer from virus attacks. Hopefully Helpful ...

Download Bitdefender Free Edition (Online Installer)
Download Bitdefender Free Edition (Offline Installer)
File Size: 154.83 KB and 21.08 MB
Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, and XP
Price: Free

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