Kamis, 13 September 2012

Salfeld Child Control 2012

Click4download Free Download Software | Salfeld Child Control 2012 | This time I will share a very useful software for those who want to limit someone to play using a PC or Laptop. For example, parents who want to limit their children to play computer in just 2 hours / day, this is the solution. Not just limiting play time, this software can also block all adult sites.

Screenshot : 

News Features: 
  • Create accounts for each user
  • Limitation of time
  • Turn off the computer or internet connection timer
  • Determination of limit on the number of hours spent on the Internet
  • Filtering inappropriate content on the Internet
  • Set a time limit for each program separately
  • Blocking of the important functions of the system
  • Invisible mode of the program
  • Email account - notification of the computer
  • Accounting for holidays, which may increase a child hours of play on the computer
  • Support for domain and workgroup
Download :

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