Sabtu, 11 Agustus 2012

Unified Color HDR Expose 2

Click4download Free Download Software | Unified Color HDR Expose 2 | Is an image editing software is very expert in handling and creating High Dynamic Range images (HDR) digital photography, software made by Unified Color is very famous among the Photographer / Photography. The main function of the HDR Expose is to create an HDR image (High Dynamic Range) and combine multiple photo / image into one with the look of HDR.


What is new in HDR Expose 2?
• Increased speed gives you much more snappy performance. Everything you do is instantly updated. Every change you make is reflected in the interface. Nothing has been down-sampled or preview image, this is happening to full resolution images.

• Interface changes have been rearranged into a logical workflow that will have you starting off with tone-mapping going down through tone tuning and color changes until you are done with your images

• User defined presets have been added and HDR Expose 2 gives you a few to get started with and then you can add your own as begin to work with the program.

• The batch process tool is completely new. It has been redesigned from the ground up. You just point HDR Expose to the directory with your images and it will group them into sets based on the exposure settings. These can be sequences of different sizes and different lengths and it will automatically recognize them and merge them into 32-bit files. After that they can be processed individually or as the total grouping.

• Select multiple user presets in the batch preset mode so that you can take an image and create five different copies using five different presets treatments.

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