Senin, 20 Agustus 2012

Process Lasso v5.1.0.84 Final (x32/x64)

Click4download Free Download SoftwareProcess Lasso v5.1.0.84 Final (x32/x64) | Optimizing is a program that works to our pc memanagemen resource usage in order to maximize the CPU can work primarily on the maximum load. You can set automatically or manually the programs you use often by raising the priority and lower priority programs that you rarely use. so your pc will termanage resource properly so it can work more optimal than the previous 2x.


  • ProBalance dynamic priority and affinity optimization
  • Default process priorities
  • Default process CPU affinities
  • Foreground boosting
  • Limit number of program instances
  • Disallow programs from running
  • Process logging
  • System responsiveness graph
  • Stand-alone core engine
  • Available in x86-32 and x86-64 builds
  • Much more...

Graphical Interface Features
  • Easily set rules for default process priorities, affinities, and more
  • Optionally show balloon tips to notify you when actions are taken
  • Unique system responsiveness calculation and graph display
  • Easy to use right-click menu system allows for modification of process rules (default priority, default affinity, startup at login, and more)
  • When not visible, resource use is minimized through a sleep-like mode
  • The GUI is not required for process management, it can be completely closed
  • Much more...

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