Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

FoolishIT D7 6.6.12

Click4download Free Download Software | FoolishIT D7 6.6.12 | Is a technical computer software that will give you an idea of ​​how the system state and also that there is protection on your PC. Functions include: online malware removal, maintenance of your PC's CPU and RAM, Optimize your Windows performance, make a backup of data, and many more features that really help you. At first startup, D7 FoolishIT scan your computer to provide comprehensive statistics on the computer for repair. The main interface includes tabs for Info, Repair maint,, Tweaks, Malware, Offline, and DataGrab dSupport. Info tab displays general information about the computer, what operating system you have, antivirus, CPU speed, etc..


  • Offline and live malware removal assistance via many internal and 3rd party tools
  • Repairing Windows after malware removals
  • General PC maintenance
  • Offline and live registry editing with mass search & delete features
  • Offline and live data backup
  • CPU/RAM stress testing
  • Information gathering and quality assurance uses
  • OS Branding
  • IP/DNS configuration + backup & restore
  • Shortcuts to frequently used Windows components
  • Quick access to frequently used Windows tweaks
  • Numerous right-click context menu (in Windows Explorer) features for working with files and directories
  • Wrappers / one-click execution options for frequently used command line tools
  • Synchronization of Malware Scan definition files
  • Automatic updates of all your favorite 3rd party tools via Ketarin 

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