Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012

easyHDR PRO 2.21.1

Click4download Free Download Software | easyHDR PRO 2.21.1 | Is an image editing software that allows you to Create High Dynamic Range effects (HDR) in the collection of image / images you have. High Dynamic Range (HDR) itself is one of the effects on the world of photography that makes the image may look more attractive. These effects highlight the contrast of the picture. HDR is already there in some of the latest digital cameras. However, for those who do not have a camera with such effect, you need not worry, you still can use a software to integrate into the effect of HDR photos. One such program is Easy HDR Pro 2.20.1 full version.


  • blend a sequence of photos taken at different exposure values into a High Dynamic Range (HDR) image
  • tone map HDR image into an 8-bit per channel REALISTIC looking result that can be displayed on computer screen or printed
  • align the input photos using manual-alignment feature (compensates for shift, scale, rotation and PERSPECTIVE) or...use auto-alignment feature, that compensates for shift as well as rotation
  • adjust tone curve shape to fine-tune the contrast
  • do post processing on the tone mapped result without any quantization losses - on floating point data (blur, sharpening, noise reduction, white balance, color tone adjust)
  • convert and tone map RAW images from your digital camera
  • load BMP, JPEG, 24/48/96-bit TIFF, FITS and Radiance RGBE file formats
  • save as BMP, JPEG (without loosing EXIF headers), 24/48-bit TIFF or Radiance RGBE (.hdr)
  • use batch processing option to automatically process tens of image sets without any user interaction
  • language versions: English, polski, Espanol, Deutsch, Francais, ???????, Italiano, Portugues & Brazilian

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