Minggu, 19 Agustus 2012

Burger Island 2 The Missing Ingredient

Click4download Free Download SoftwareBurger Island 2 The Missing Ingredient | When ambitious Edie Cole Iverson and her suspicious new burger franchise start stealing Beach Burger's business, Patty Melton and her irritable sidekick Pierre expand their menu, only to find the island's resident recipe guru, the Tiki Guy, has gone missing! The hunt for the Tiki Guy begins as Patty and Pierre attempt to rebuild their business, cook up all new recipes, track down new ingredients, and create the mythical Great Sauce!


  • Grill up burgers, omelets, and nachos to order for Beach Burger's hungry customers!
  • Complete order combos and power up the Tiki Torch to reheat your entrees for maximum profit!
  • Create your own mouth-watering recipes in the Experimental Kitchen!
  • Choose your own path to the Tiki Guy and the Great Sauce through 130 possible levels, deciding which islands to explore in your culinary quest!

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