Senin, 30 Juli 2012

vMix 2012 HD Pro v4

Click4download Free Download Software | vMix 2012 HD Pro v4  | Is a video editing software that allows us to his ngemix and to switch from SD and HD video (up to 1080p), images, pictures, power point, and so forth. In the version of v4 there are many additional new features, integration, and also some bugs fixes that were previously contained in the vMix v3.

Screenshot :

  • NEW: Virtual Sets - Use live chroma keying to place talent in animated 3d virtual sets
  • NEW: vMix Audio device records only the audio within vMix instead of the entire system
  • NEW: Full 64bit support
  • NEW: Many additional Shortcut Functions added
  • NEW: Web based API
  • NEW: Video Delay can be assigned to Capture Input
  • NEW: Short clips up to 1 minute in length can be saved from Video Delay
  • NEW: Playback speed of video sources can be set from right click menu
  • NEW: Option to force all inputs to use the global frame rate
  • NEW: PNG option added to Desktop Capture
  • NEW: Save image captures to file with the Photo Snapshot button
  • NEW: BOB Deinterlacing option added to Capture. Doubles frame rate to preserve motion.
  • NEW: Text Presets can be configured for Titles and accessed from right click menu
  • NEW: Automatic parsing of YouTube and Vimeo videos in Flash Input
  • NEW: Overlay can be triggered from PlayList
  • NEW: Additional resolution options added for External Output and Recordings
  • NEW: Additional bitrate options added to MPEG-2
  • NEW: Play/Pause button added for each input
  • FIXED: Freezing for up to 5 minutes may occur when Windows reports UI changes
  • FIXED: Recordings now compensate for audio devices that provide incorrect timestamps
  • FIXED: HDV inputs may have dropped frames
  • IMPROVED: Windows 8 supported
  • IMPROVED: Audio Mixer now docks within the main window
  • IMPROVED: Title Ticker cpu usage halved
  • IMPROVED: Improved position accuracy within Input Settings and Overlay Picture In Picture

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