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To the Moon: Game makes you cry!

Click4download Free Download SoftwareTo the Moon: Game makes you cry! | you have never played the game make you cry?
So, "To the Moon" (the moon) - 2D RPG based on the company's classic Freebird 2011, will be the first game that brings you that experience. In the future, science has developed a level to help people "tangible goods" memories. A company called Sigmund provide life changing. They came to commemorate the deaths,
and memories change throughout life according to them, help them go peacefully.
Screenshot :

Two young doctors assigned to the help of John Watts and Eva, an older man with a dream "on the moon." 
The problem is, John does not remember why I like to dream.

This will force the two doctors have to travel through each of the memory of John, when the parent to the child, to find the actual cause.
From there they can help him change.
But to find the reasons, related to happy married life with the river has lost his wife, Watts and Eva in doubt.

Will put John on the moon for better or worse with him? Instead the general trend of the power stored in the muscular coat graphics, Kan young writers "Reives" Gao RPG Maker engine returned to the classic 90's. He has created a beautiful story of love and emotion, a perfect combination

"Gattaca" and "Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind,"

two beautiful science fiction films.

By the end of the shock and the deposition, the game has been wiped tears from many players and won "Best Screenplay" at the awards ceremony by a GameSpot Game of the Year vote in 2011.

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