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How To Overcome Flash Disk Not Be Formatted

Click4download Free Download SoftwareHow To Overcome Flash Disk Not Be Formatted | To overcome the problems that often occur on a memory stick or flash is not formatted, among them this way:
Please open the windows run (Start> Run), or press the Windows key + R
Then type "compmgmt.msc" without a space, press enter

Start> Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Computer Management
In the Computer Management window, select Storage> Disk Management

Here are a stick, and the bottom, there Disk1, then right-click, and choose Create Partition. After that right click again, select the format's finished flash disk and can be reused.
And what if there is no menu creat partition? the answer is that the flash disk has been partitioned. Then click Format.

So, do not immediately assume that the flash is broken.Silahkan looking for a way past, for example on the post How to Fix a broken stick. Only when there is no way anymore, can assume that the flash disk is damaged.

How to Overcome OK.May be useful and good luck.

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