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How to hide IP address with the Mask My IP V. full

Click4download Free Download Software | How to hide IP address with the Mask My IP | How to hide IP address with the Mask My IP. When you connect to the network / network, the computer will identify the IP address How to hide your IP address as you, or when you shop online or send e-mail, then the IP address you will be connected with the activities you do on the internet earlier. It will be easy for hackers to steal your personal data and get into your computer and can monitor your activities. But with the Mask My IP all your problems will be solved, because this application has a function that can manipulate your IP so that your real IP safe from hacker attacks. To know the function of Mask My IP, can be seen in features below.

Features Mask My IP:
- Hide Real IP Address
- Surf Anonymously
- Block ISP Eavesdropping
- Guard Against Hackers
- Prevent Identity Theft & Credit Card Fraud
- Protect All Connections Including Wi-Fi
- Defend in the Forum once be banned
- Send Anonymous Emails
- Easy & Effective
- Auto / Manual IP Changing
- 100% Clean & Safe
- Compatible With A lot

Screenshot :

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