Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012

TwistedBrush Open Studio

Click4download Free Download SoftwareTwistedBrush Open Studio | The application program is designed for those who love the manufacture or manipulate the images / photographs with a touch of the brush, so as to produce a digital image art that is more 'art'.
Screenshot :

TwistedBrush Open Studio is a digital art program applications that prefer the use of the brush feature to create or manipulate images / photos. This free program has a myriad of 'tools' brush to produce digital art.

Some of the features provided, such as layers, realistic media, photo cloning, tracing, masks, particles, filters, script recording, scripts to AVI, drawing tablet support, brush shapes, patterns, textures, integrated scanner support, image brushes, drawing guides , reference image views, dirty brushes, scratch layer, dynamic palettes and much more.

With this application you can generate different types of images, including natural media fine art, photo retouching, mandala art, patterns, manga, photo composition, photo cloning, even the concept of 3D images, and support for flash file format.

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