Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

Tool to Lock the Keyboard

Click4download Free Download Software | Tool to lock the keyboard | When we are critical of the typing documents or tasks or anything, keep all of a sudden going to the bathroom, or called his mother, or want to take a drink for thirsty we were forced to leave the first computer. When another computer just suddenly left our son, brother, or somebody ... pressed-pressed from the keyboard and MS Word document that was important to be covered and not saved, so preferably not taste?

nah, to avoid the child, sister, ato from anyone who likes push - push button keyboard. we just lock the keyboard locking application crazylittle fingers Freeware

This free tool has the ability to lock all the keys on the keyboard (except for the close of the program) and the screen only displays black and the cursor just cool right?

This software without installation, just extract the file wherever it is up, continue to double-click the program then the keyboard is in Lock, and to close / Close of His program simply press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, easy right?

Download crazylittle fingers FreewareSize : 300 Kb

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