Senin, 25 Juni 2012

Open Office 2007 to 2003 with File Format Converter

Click4download Free Download SoftwareOpen Office 2007 to  2003 with File Format Converter  | Office 2007 seems to be a substitute for Office 2003. But for Office 2003 Office 2003 Lovers like me who have a more simple look and calm of 2007. But sometimes we bother if we're going to open the file format of Office 2007 (. Docx) in Office 2003.

FileFormatConverter is software from Microsoft to respond to complaints of 2003 were lovers. With this software, you can save documents in Office 2007 format (. Docx, xlsx, etc.) with Office 2003. cool ... In addition, this software also allows us to open the 2007 file format with ease even though we use Office 2003. Thus we need not wonder anymore if you see the file. Docx and his friends.

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