Senin, 11 Juni 2012

Band Manager Game Simulation

Click4download Free Download Software | Band Manager Game | Does twenty dollars get you Guitar Hero or Rock Band? Of course not. But with twenty bucks you can get yourself a PC game that has something to do with music.
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I'm talking about Dream Catcher's Band Manager. As a reviewer I run across so many games, and while some titles completely surprise me, in general I can guess rather accurately about the nature of a game before I even play it.

There is this strong feeling that I have that tells me that Band Manager is more of a tycoon game rather then a rock 'n' roll game. Hiring musicians and managing their lives is a given (it says so on the box) but there is another thing that they say on the box. The game advertises its own music studios: "Cut your own actual songs much like a real-life recording studio. Band Manager's mixer interface allows you to set effects, volume, and panning individuality for each musician."

I'm not really sure what that really means, but to me, it sounds like I'll be able to create and edit my own music. Do I have to do that in order to complete challenges because if I have to create my own music from scratch I will certainly fail at this came considering that I can't even read musical notes. But speculating seems to work best on Wall Street and not in the review industry. The only thing that matters here are the facts and until I put a few good hours of gameplay into Band Manager I really have no room for comments. I think it is about that time that I put the keyboard down and I start focusing really hard on a band name. A cool name will take you a long way (I hope).

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